Is Your Home Or Workplace Making You Sick?

POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLCIn the modern world, we spend more of our time indoors than outdoors. What’s in the air in your home or workplace? Studies have shown that levels of air pollutants tend to be more concentrated indoors than out. People often notice that when they are outside they feel fine, but when they come home or go to their workplace that changes. They feel tired, they experience headaches, they have sore throats or sinus infections that won’t go away. At times, more serious illnesses or symptoms are experienced.

Indoor air contaminants in your home or workplace could be causing or contributing to these symptoms. There are numerous indoor air pollutants which can impact your health.

POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC provides environmental assessments including air and allergen testing, mold inspections, odor detection, and water testing to identify and address air and water quality problems in your home or workplace. We are dedicated to improving the health and wellness of your indoor environment.

The Certified Inspectors at POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC evaluate the conditions in the indoor environment and perform state-of-the-art testing and analysis. This information is documented and assessed. A report is produced that provides the information to you in clear, understandable terms and provides advice to help resolve your indoor air and water quality problems.

Please note: POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC does not provide remediation services. This eliminates a conflict of interest that occurs when one company provides both inspection and remediation services, as some do. These companies often offer "free" mold inspections. Unfortunately their results are often biased or exaggerated to show a bigger problem than really exists in your home. This can lead to unnecessary, expensive work in your home. At POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC, our focus is solely to provide a clear understanding of the environment in your home or workplace. We do not profit from exaggerating your environmental problem or presenting that a problem exists when there is none. With our written assessment, we provide recommendations on the solutions to any problems discovered. Some of these may be resolved by you without the need of a professional remediator. If needed and at your request, we are happy to provide resource lists of companies that can assist you with remediation and restoration services in your area.

Call POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC for a FREE phone consultation on how to investigate and identify pollutants and other environmental issues in your home or workplace.

We will use our depth of real-world experience, along with the best technological tools and analytical methods available, to accurately determine the presence of environmental issues that may affect the health of those who occupy an indoor environment.

We will provide objective, independent assessments of indoor air and water quality with no conflict of interests and convey the findings in clear, understandable language in our reports.

Our company is located in New Milford, CT serving all of Connecticut & the Hudson Valley and is listed with the Connecticut Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Decades of experience in problem-solving and trouble-shooting building problems provide a high level of confidence that any indoor environmental issues that may exist will be discovered with a proper corrective course determined.