Commercial Services

POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLCCommercial Environmental Assessments
Your workplace, whether it is an office, retail location, warehouse or industrial space, is where you and your workers spend a great deal of time. Their health is a prime concern in maintaining a good work environment that is productive and avoids absenteeism. Mold issues are often suspected when workers complain of unusual smells or experience allergenic symptoms.  While environmental issues can be connected to mold presence, other indoor air quality problems can be the root cause. POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC has the experience of hundreds of building assessments to determine if your workplace has mold or other environmental issues and how to address them.  Inspections of HVAC and mechanical systems are performed to assure proper functioning. Air sampling methods are utilized depending on the suspected area of concern.

Industrial Hygiene Assessments
Chemicals are involved in the production of almost every product manufactured today. Exposure levels to these chemicals are regulated by OSHA and NIOSH to assure their safe use. Exceeding the established PELs (Personal Exposure Limits) of these chemicals can cause worker health issues and lead to litigation problems. Elevated exposures can occur in the actual manufacturing site, as well as warehouses and retail spaces where they are stored. POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC performs tests of exposure levels of various chemicals to ensure that worker exposure is not exceeding the PELs established by government agencies. Periodic testing to assure compliance can be scheduled.

Sewage Cleanup Assessments
When sewage backups or “black water” contamination occurs in a business, cleanup contractors are brought in to care for contaminated furniture and contents, as well as remove solid and liquid contaminants. This is followed by sanitizing solid surfaces. But how do you know if the cleanup work was completely successful and that all disease-carrying agents have been removed? POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC offers the latest in testing methods to rapidly determine whether all contamination has been removed from these surfaces.


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