Mold Inspections

Powers Environmental LLC— Your Expert Mold Inspector

Home or building owners suspect mold issues when they see unusual staining, smell odors or when they experience unusual, sometimes chronic health symptoms. Powers Environmental LLC provides expert, independent mold assessments of your home, institution or workplace.

Before speaking to a mold remediation company, it is important to have an inspection by an independent, third-party mold assessor.

In New York Sate, a mold inspection by a licensed mold assessor is required before a mold remediation company can begin work. While not required legally in Connecticut or New Jersey currently, it still makes sense to have the assessment performed by a certified professional that does not have a financial interest in mold cleanup or remediation.

Call our toll-free number to be connected with a certified, independent expert regarding potential mold activity in your home, business or institution. The phone consultation is free!

The goal of a mold inspection (assessment) is to answer the following questions:

• Is mold activity present?

• What caused it to happen?

• What actions are needed to remediate it?

• How can I prevent it from coming back?