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POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLCResidential Environmental Assessments
Your home is the haven for your family. You want it to be a place that is healthy for them, too. Various indoor environmental issues exist that can adversely affect your family. Mold is the most common concern, due to its harmful health effects and the damaging effect it can have on the home itself. Other indoor environmental concerns include: allergens, chemicals (including VOCs), formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, radon, asbestos and water-borne contaminants.

Mold Assessments
POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC has the experience of hundreds of residential mold assessments to determine if your home has mold issues and how to address them. We strive to identify why the mold problem happened in the first place in order to prevent it from happening again. Air sampling determines the types and levels of mold spores in the home compared to an outside air sample. Surface sampling is also used when appropriate to identify and confirm visual staining.

Allergen Assessments
Allergy doctors can identify the different types of allergens that you or a family member may react to, but are they present in your home? POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC offers house calls! Our in-home broad spectrum allergen testing will assess whether any of the identified allergens are found in your home environment.

Odor & Chemical Assessments
Unusual odors in your home can be evidence of airborne gases which may be harmful to your health. Many building products, as well as wood furniture and other manmade materials, are manufactured with compounds that are subsequently released into the air potentially causing harm to one’s health. Using scientifically-established air sampling methods, POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC can test your air for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde.

Sewage Cleanup Assessments
When sewage backups or “black water” contamination occurs in a home, cleanup contractors are brought in to care for contaminated furniture and contents, as well as remove solid and liquid contaminants. This is followed by sanitizing solid surfaces. But how do you know if the cleanup work was completely successful and that all disease-carrying agents have been removed? POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC offers the latest in testing methods to rapidly determine whether all contamination has been removed from surfaces in your home.

Asbestos Assessments

POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC asbestos inspectors are EPA/AHERA accredited and certified by NYS Department of Health to perform asbestos inspections. We can provide certified asbestos inspections in New Jersey and New York State.

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