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Hudson Valley home inspectorLooking for a home inspector in the Hudson Valley? Call 877-383-9814 to speak to a certified mold home inspector.

Did you know that not every home inspector is qualified to test your home for mold? It’s true because the state of NY requires additional certification and licensing for mold inspectors. A third party mold inspector has the training and equipment required to test your home or business. Black mold causes serious health concerns.

Don’t leave your families health in the hands of a home inspector. Insist on an Hudson Valley environmental consultant that is also a certified mold inspector instead.

Looking to buy a new home?

Think seriously about hiring a mold inspector to test the quality of the air in your home. They will also provide a visual inspection to see if there are any mold issues.

Why should you do this? Simply put, a home insurance agency may not want to insure a home with mold. Furthermore, it will be difficult to sell a home with black mold issues later on.

The solution?

Hire a home inspector PLUS a certified mold inspection company

Contact us today for a free phone mold inspection consultation. We will gladly refer you to a list of  home inspectors.