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Residential Environmental Assessments
Purchasing a home is perhaps your biggest investment decision. Most prospective home buyers insist on a home inspection to check the house for structural issues or concerns with various systems (heating & cooling, electrical, plumbing, etc.) to ensure that nothing exists that will be an expensive fix after the purchase. Many are also concerned about the environmental health and well-being of a home. Are there any mold or other environmental issues? These are especially concerns if a family member has pre-existing health issues (i.e. chemical, allergen, or mold sensitivities, immune system deficiencies, presence of an infant or the elderly, etc.) which make them more susceptible to environmental pollutants. POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC specializes in environmental assessments that a standard home inspector is not trained to perform.

Mold Assessments
POWERS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC has the experience of hundreds of residential mold assessments to determine if the home you are considering has mold issues and what would be needed to address them. We strive to identify why the mold problem began in the first place so that the root of the issue can be corrected. Air sampling determines the types and levels of mold spores in the home compared to an outside air sample. Surface sampling is also used when appropriate to identify and confirm visual staining.

Attic Assessments
There are specific concerns related to visual staining that may cause one to suspect mold. Identifying ventilation and insulation deficiencies can determine whether mold issues may occur in the future, as well as provide the circumstances where ice damming- and the resulting home interior damage- can occur. Recommendations are provided with the assessment report.