Mold Inspections near me – Talk to a real mold inspector.

“Find a Mold inspector near me.”



Perhaps you found us by typing or speaking this phrase into google using your phone or tablet. You are not alone. In fact, over 1600 people a month search for this and another 1600 search for “mold inspector near me.” The point is that people all over the tri-state area are worried about the health damaging effects of black mold.

Thankfully, for over 10 years now Powers Environmental LLC has been helping homeowners by providing affordable mold inspections in the greater Hudson Valley New York, Connecticut and New Jersey areas.

Lets face it…

Mold happens.

  • A pipe bursts.
  • A dripping sink or toilet.
  • Humidity.
  • A damp basement.
  • A torn roof shingle
  • Clogged roofing gutters.
  • A leaking water heater, dish washer or clothes washing machine.

Before you know it, invisible mold spores are growing in your home, business or building. This toxic black mold will harm your families health and cause thousands of dollars of destructive damage.

How to talk to a mold inspector near YOU.



We have trained certified mold inspectors near you. They are available to speak to you on the phone and answer your questions for free. Our free mold phone consultation will help you to understand our 3 part mold testing program. If it makes sense for you to schedule a visit, we will then set an appointment convenient for you.

Our goal is to provide you with 5 star service.

Will you make this common mistake when choosing a mold inspection company near you?


There is a BIG difference between a mold remediation company and a local mold inspection company.

Do you know what it is?

A mold remediation company or mold removal company hires sales people to sell homeowners on the idea to hire their service. This is often a salaried position, and the sales person makes MORE money when they sell you a bigger  home repair job.

Does that make sense?

On the other hand…

A certified mold inspector near you gets paid a fixed rate to inspect and test your home for mold.  It doesn’t matter if they find a little mold or a lot of mold because you pay the same fee. Once you have a report, you can then interview mold removal services in your area. They can use our mold report to repair the areas that are damaged. This saves you a lot of time and money. Can you see the advantage of working with a mold inspector first?

Where do you go from here?

  • You either see mold or smell it. Don’t you?
  • You understand that it is not going away by itself. Right?
  • If anything it will get worse.

MUCH worse.

AND more expensive to repair afterward as it grows and SPREADS in your home invisibly.

We invite you to a complimentary phone consultation. Let’s talk about your fears and concerns. Tell us everything you know about your situation. Then and only then, if you feel comfortable talking with us we can schedule an on site visit.

Sound fair?

We hope these tips will help your find the right mold inspector near you.