Water Damage Restoration Service

Looking for a Water Damage Restoration Service in the Hudson Valley?

Did you know that the first step BEFORE hiring a water damage repair company is to hire an environmental consultant, like Powers Environmental LLC? Call 877-383-9814 to speak to a certified environmental mold assessor right now.

Why is this necessary?

It only takes 24 hours for water damage to start growing mold in your home or business. That means after a flood, the odds are in favor of  your family breathing in toxic black mold spores in your homes air. Failure to completely remove toxic mold can mean that your home might look “repaired”,  could still develop mold issues again later on.

Can you see why NY state now requires third party certified mold inspectors to inspect your home BEFORE any restorations or repairs are begun? In fact, this is now the law.

The DANGER of hiring a water damage restoration contractor before having a certified mold inspection

In the past, some mold remediation companies would simply send commissioned sales people out to your home to do the mold inspection. Can you see how this is a conflict of interests? Of course you can!

The NY state authorities found that many homeowner insurance companies were being billed for unnecessary repairs. That is why they now require certified third party mold testing services to do an on site home inspection and provide you with a report. A third party inspection company means that they are not compensated to repair mold damage. Instead, they simply find and report any mold issues located. This way you only have to pay for the actual mold repairs that are found.

We provide complimentary phone consultations. Please reach out to a certified mold testing inspector in the Hudson Valley at 877-383-9814.